deedeec 10:10pm, 22 May 2013
would anyone be able to help me find a font as similar as possible to the script used in this invitation layout? i've found a couple but nothing that is just right... thanks!
GiddeeUp Posted 5 years ago. Edited by GiddeeUp (admin) 5 years ago
That's an odd one. For most of the characters, it's an exact match for Shelley Andante, but some of the Caps, and the lower case s letters don't quite match. Shelley Allegro is a little closer, but still not quite it.

GiddeeUp 5 years ago
Also try Cecilian Regular or Citadel.
GiddeeUp 5 years ago
Found it. It's called "Prints Charming"

deedeec 5 years ago
thank you!
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