Jeanette's Ozpix PRO 1:47am, 30 January 2013

I searched for this font in I found it (a free font) and the name is [ank]*. I went through the process of downloading, which included a toolbar and other software that I didn't want. I proceeded with the installation... got all the software but no font has been installed.

Then I tried to find the font on, but not there. I searched google and was led to this article in - which gave the link to this Flickr group.

Can anyone how I can get this font?
Jeanette's Ozpix PRO 6 years ago
Don't worry! I managed to find it at I am happy now!
GiddeeUp 6 years ago
It doesn't require any additional software to download or install (never download those). It can be found here:

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