digiday 8:00pm, 26 April 2012
Can anyone identify this font?

It is similar to Freestyle Script, but that isn't it.

TEDnugent_text by digiday

Thanks for any help!

GiddeeUp 6 years ago
Likely hand-designed. The two e letters are slightly different.
digiday 6 years ago
Hi GiddeUp,

I thought of that, but that type style was used throughout Nugent's album designs over the years... they all appear to be the same. There are different words and different album titles and they all have the exact same letters.

I did a Google search and looked at a lot of Nugent's album covers and I can see that it appears to be a font they used.

I'm not 100% positive, but I think it is a font.

But thank you for your input... it is good to know what experts think about this kind of thing.

Thanks again,

GiddeeUp 6 years ago
They may have been designed by hand by one particular individual, who would be able to be consistent with the execution.

Stewf PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Stewf (admin) 6 years ago
Those 'e's are each unique.

On album covers before the digital era, consistent hand lettering was just as common as type. Probably more so. Sorry!

Have a look at Santa Fe as another alternative.
digiday 6 years ago
Thanks GiddeeUp and Stewf,

You guys are probably right. It may have been one type designer who created it custom and made a guide for himself to use on all the album covers.

I am noticing a few inconsistencies in some of the letters on different album covers the more I look.

I found a couple even closer than Santa Fe, but I was just trying to make an exact match.

I've done some cutting, pasting and adjusting to create other words from the stencils that I made using selective color to isolate the type on some big cover images, then made new words and did a create path from selection to get a smooth vector outline... it works okay... just time consuming.

Thanks again,

dhri Posted 6 years ago. Edited by dhri (member) 6 years ago

I believe Gerard Huerta is the guy behind the typeface.

I'm working on a project that uses this logo. As I am doing my research I came across this thread. Sorry if this is months later than the thread was originally posted.
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