djzinko 8:32pm, 12 February 2012
I know this is over 20 years old. I thought the font name started with an "M". When I was young this font was on a kinko's computer, but they kept the old Mac SE's on lockdown so couldn't grab it. But time has flown by, and I'd like to identify it or find an alternative. the A U N are unique but haven't found many matches. I'm thinking of it more as a Comic type font.

Any help is appreciated.
djzinko 7 years ago
I keep wondering if it is a comic type font.
Stewf PRO 7 years ago
I've seen it before, but forget the name. Maybe GiddeeUp will help.
GiddeeUp 7 years ago
Looks familiar to me too, but I'm drawing a blank.
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