indiejapanemo 6:44pm, 15 September 2011
Trying to figure out what typeface my neighborhood entrance sign has on it. It has this rounded, western thing going on with it. And seems to be related to Clarendon.

Here's a version with some exposure/contrast adjustment I used for WhatTheFont:


Background: Someone stole the letter "N" off both sides of the street from the signs and I want to replace them!

Thanks for your help.
GiddeeUp 7 years ago
Those are dimensional letters, so who knows if an actual "font" was used, but it looks like one from the "Goudy" family.
indiejapanemo 7 years ago
Thanks, GiddeeUp!

I was looking at metal press Clarendon and it was kind of simliar:

I'll look into the Goudy set.
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