numberless mark [deleted] 2:24am, 15 March 2011
If anyone could help me identify the font of the "Shock" part, I would be so happy. It's the company that makes our sailboat, and I would like to use the font (or something very similar) to create our crew shirts. I've tried using WhatTheFont, but it could only make out the "S".


Thanks so much!
Stewf PRO 8 years ago
You'll need to make your image public so we can see it.
numberless mark [deleted] 8 years ago
oops sorry, changed to public view.
GiddeeUp 8 years ago
As the two c's are different, I suspect that it was custom designed.

If you simply want an alternative font that is similar, I recommend this:
GiddeeUp 8 years ago
Oh, and if you do use that font, stretch it out at about 130%
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