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Are you able to identify this font?

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Adam Douglas says:

4:22AM, 19 November 2010 PDT (permalink)

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Ampersand_et says:


I thought at first Reynholm Industries was in News Gothic but it looks list its just Arial stretched out.

The R in the logo you could make quick with some minor editing in Illustrator with an "R" and "i" in FF Gothic One Two.

Fit the R to the same width and then stretch it slightly down. Pull down the bottom of the R and then fill the letter solid. Throw in the i in the centre of the R and stretch the bottom of it down. Then round the corners of the i to match.

You could probably use a number of fonts to get the same effect. Thats just one that works well.

97 months ago (permalink)

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Adam Douglas says:

Based on the suggestions, I took Arial and compressed it 70% in MS Paint and it's pretty close..

96 months ago (permalink)

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