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Monocle display font

quiet shop [deleted] says:

Can anyone help with the identification of this font, used in Monocle magazine (almost exclusively as emphasised numbering).

I thought the 'notched' crossbar on the five would be a dead giveaway but I can't find it anywhere.

6:45AM, 3 August 2010 PDT (permalink)

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Stewf is a group administrator Stewf says:

Numbers: Strasse. This is a numerals-only font. If you need letters, you might be interested in Didones or Modern Bracketed typefaces.
100 months ago (permalink)

quiet shop [deleted] says:

You sir, are a gentleman AND a scholar. thank you very much.

The weird thing is, I actually looked at the H&F Numbers font when I was searching but must have skipped past Strasse.
100 months ago (permalink)

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