25¢ Price Tag

I_am_Rainman 4:16am, 29 March 2010
I'm looking to reprint this price tag, the closest I can identify is Bodini (or Bodoni), but even that doesn't match the original typeface. These are the only characters I have to match, and the only three characters I need to reprint. Can you identify this typeface? Thank you for your consideration!

The Rainman
Stewf PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Stewf (admin) 9 years ago
How old is your sample? If it was made before 1970 there's a good chance that it was made with one-of-a-kind lettering or a pre-digital typeface, so finding a match would be difficult.
I_am_Rainman 9 years ago
SOLVED: Bodoni Standard Poster Compressed, from Adobe Font Folio 11, is spot on. Method: persistent brute force identification. Thank you for your reply!
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