Dom Dada 12:44pm, 18 February 2007
I'm still trying to get a copy of Monocle, the new magazine launched by Tyler Brûle (also the founder of «Wallpaper» and man in charge of the Swiss Air Lines rebranding).

Does anybody know which font they used as title/logotype, as displayed on the website or below? I kind of like the feel of it – it's beautifully proportioned.

Kind regards,
Dom Dada

Stewf PRO 12 years ago
Hi Dom. It's Plantin, the Dutch grandfather of Times New Roman.
Dom Dada 12 years ago
Gosh, you're right… Thanks!

The funny thing is I came across Plantin just recently, but as the main body of text was set in it, I concentrated on Plantin's legibility, and overlooked the typographical details.
Stewf PRO 12 years ago
Ahh, exactly what a good text face should do.
sharp song [deleted] 12 years ago
I think the same Art Director used Plantin on Wallpaper* at one stage (before the most recent redesign).
Stewf PRO 12 years ago
Plantin Schoolbook, perhaps?
slim_east 12 years ago
Hey guys. Nice spotting. Plantin (originally Plantijn) is Dutch, but the precursor to Garamond. If ever in Antwerp, go to the Plantin-Moretus Museum. It's Christoffel Plantijn's original foundry. They have all the original leads, trays and presses.
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