Jasmine.Silver 11:17pm, 24 January 2010
I thought I understood the In Context type project (354 MW 2-5pm) but I just double-checked the brief and I feel confused. I want to give you the outline of my project to make sure it's what I'm supposed to be doing.

Words: Golly, Oh My, Geez

Treatment: Hand designed type that evokes grandma nostalgia

Context: Drawn and photographed on "scandalous" parts of women's bodies (don't worry- it's just cleavage, upper thigh, and lower back-- nothing explicit).

Message: Using the words of the older generations, I am pointing out the modest values they impose on younger generations. My view is that older generations have set up social constructs that rule women's bodies today. I am tattooing the construct of modesty on women's bodies to shout out (visually) against the system.

Does this work? Are the photos by themselves "in context" or do I need to put it in further context? Like as posters in a cafe-- or as the cover of b*word magazine?

Sorry this is sort of late notice, this is my fault.
pasiayang 8 years ago
The "in context" is pretty broad in what you can do. I say go for it because you're using the hand drawn type on different body parts that will further enhance the meaning of it, therefore making it "in context."

Plus, it reminds me of Iris' project from last term. [ See the first couple of images in the set ]
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