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Kjns ADMIN March 14, 2014
Theme #141: "Cooking"

kitchen pics

Remember to use a SMALL size picture when you add your photographs to the specific thread, thank you very much!

Dear members and visitors,
You may have noticed, that there are only a few moderators left. We try something NEW:
Every one of you who wants to contribute with a theme has the possibility to ask and take one tour without further obligations.

Group Description

Something more about this group:

Our idea is to create a group absolutely NON STRESSFUL, a place in which share our shots in a friendly and quiet atmosphere. The theme is just a way to be creative and to give a sort of direction to the group, but if you don't have any photo matching with the theme, well, no post and no worries! ^__-
It would be nice to have in here a quiet place, a place in which you can just come and enjoy, with no commitments, no mandatory comment-fav-tag-etc... nothing more than the pleasure to share our pictures.
Your only ''duty'' is to choose a theme when is your turn, but if you don't want, you can just skip it and ... have fun : )

Thank you all for joining ^_^

Few Guide-Lines:

- every photo posted in the group should follow the theme.

- every two weeks, a new theme.

- every member of the group choose a theme by turn, and if you want to choose a theme you have to add your idea in the dedicated thread ^_-)

- every two weeks all the photos will be removed from the pool to get it ready for the next theme, so when you post a new photo, would be nice if you would like to put a small size of it in the special thread, that will be locked at the end of the two weeks.

- when is your turn to choose the theme, please start a new thread writing clearly what is your idea, and post the first photo.

- you can post 1 photo per day, every day, for all the two weeks, until the theme changes.

^___^ enjoy!

Group Rules

- Every photo posted has to be in some way connected with the current Theme. Creativity more than welcome, but no dumping, please!

- EVERY TIME you post a photo, please also post a small size of the same pic in the special thread BECAUSE every two weeks ALL THE PHOTOS WILL BE REMOVED from the group to make space for the next theme: more details in the group description.

This is a group, not just a pool - we enjoy it because of the people as well as the photos. If you would like to join, we hope you'll participate by contributing photos, attention and comments - thanks!

- Have fun! : )

Additional Info

  • Members can post 1 thing to the pool each day.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Images, Art, Screenshots
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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