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How to take make a bad image better with help of layers and noise adjustment

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Kajvin is a group administrator Kajvin says:

This photo have I take in Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta USA on my holiday trip 2006 with my Canon Photoshop S3 SI see the Exif info.

I have Resize the original photo to 50% of the original size.
All work is done in Corel PSPP X2.5 (Ultimate)

This will I do with this image, make the background better there is a noise in the image.

Before photo
Before image

(1) As usual I Duplicate the image, never work on the original image even that is a bad image, you can ruin a memorable moment of your trip, or the like, which will not be again.

(2) I add, on the Copy of Background, a Unsharp Mask, what will make the image a little sharper, I have use this settings Radius 8, Strength 50 and Clipping 10, then I duplicate this layer

Unsharp Mask

(3) I will now add little more brightness/contrast I use a adjustment layer for that and set it to 10/20. I have done I layer group of Copy(2) of background and adjustment layer. I have named it step 3


The noise will increase, that will we now taking care of

(4)Make a duplicate of layer group step 3, then you have to merge down this group now you have a copy of step 3 but as a normal layer, this time i will not use a adjustment layer, I apply the adjust direct on the copy of step 3

merge Down Layer Group

I will use Median Filter I set the Filter aperture to 5, then I set the layers Blend mode to Overlay, duplicate this layer name it to step 5 or something.

add RemoveNoise Median Filter

Median Filter

Tutorial Step 4
Step 4 image

(5) I have now set the blend Mode to normal,and select the all the the fish in the foreground with help of Freehand selection tool, because i will mask out this fishes. I will now do a Mask layer hide selection.

(6) Now you have a layer group named Step5 select layer Step5 apply a Moire Pattern Removal set Fine details to 10 and remove bands to 0

(7) Finale step select Group- step 5 set Blend Mode to overlay save the image as new image.

After Photo
After Photo
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