diana.nadera 12:11am, 20 July 2014
Hi everyone, I am here just to share to you that I have an aspiring tunisian friend who wants to model. She's 23, 177cm tall.. she lives in hammam-lif.. and free the whole year to be your subject in photography.. i have here a picture of her, her friend shoot.. she's a natural model and a natural beauty as the image shows.. i want her to reach her dream and this is the only thing that i can do to help her as a friend.. for more info please don't hesitate to send me an eemail at hornillacrystalnicole@gmail.com

Maybe i can send you the picture i was saying there, can't post it here..

Thank you reader..

I hope someone who crossed this message can give her a chance and a hell of amazing experience to be in front of camera :)
seifracing 3 years ago
j`aimerai bien travailler avec elle quand je rentre en Tunisie
vous pouvez m'envoyer quelque photo? merci
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