Sasa Milosevic 3:46pm, 15 January 2010
I am from Serbia
I have been in Tunisia twice time for 6 months.
Unforgettable vacation.
First time, I was with my wife in Sousse while next year we have been in company with my sister in Port El Kantaoui. All of us have been fascinated.
One of the best memories in my life.
I must admit I like Port a lot more .
It is much cleaner than Sousse and has an own sensibility.
Tunisians are beautiful people.
Compared to other African destinations, Tunisia is undoubt a first in African tourism. Tunisians have the best tourism services and the most important thing: the tourist is absolutely safe and can relaxed strolling at any time of day and night.
The warmth of the human soul is expressed and horticulture.
The Tunisians are there the real artists in it.
Here are my pictures as proof of my claims.
amusing calculator [deleted] 9 years ago
i am so happy to know that u love Tunisia ,my town!!
am happy too to know that u visit it twice ^..^!!
i hope u back at it soon!!
there so many other beautiful places in Tunisia like "Benzart" ,"Hammamet" or if u love desert u can also visit "Douz" or u can go to the iland "Jerba" !!
i live in "El Kef" it is a nice town too BUT there r no good tourism as others country here!!

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