talented summer [deleted] 5:13pm, 8 July 2009
Hi there,

I am new to this group, never been to Tunisia, and I am interested in the culture... So I would appreciate it if everyone would write a line or two about his/her version of Tunisia.
wretched tent [deleted] Posted 9 years ago. Edited by wretched tent (member) 9 years ago
Tunisia is an experiance and a half, sure you have your eyes open with its poverty and their living but the culture and definately a must for the photographer i must of taken around 800 when i was there this year in March.If you have a chance of going please do gove it a go just for the experiance and their way of life.
breakbeat PRO 9 years ago
worth exploring the towns on your own (ie minus a tourist guide): we found a beautiful house/museum just inside the walls of Sousse Medina whilst looking for something else completely - it has unrivalled views over the town/coast.
roiya farhan 9 years ago
tunisia is a wonderful country.. it have a very stunning nature.. its an experience you would have..you will find a beauteful houses/museums .. great culture places
there is a place called ((sidi bouseed)) it got a great view on the sea there is also cities called >> hammamat and sousse
i hope you go there and see these thing :)
deste64 9 years ago
I'm just arrived in Tunis and I'll spend here the next two years. First impression is great! I've recieved an amazing and warm welcome, people is just too nice and as far I saw, Tunis is a wonderful place where to live.
Now, to feed my photographic passion I'm looking for models (male and female), so if there is anybody that wish to pose for me just contact me on flickr.
Have a good day all,
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