public knife [deleted] 11:39am, 25 May 2007
I´m going to spend my holidays in Tunisia this year. What are interesting things near/in Hammamet? What are your experiences?
public knife [deleted] 11 years ago
No experiences anyone?????
breakbeat PRO 11 years ago
Are you going on a package tour/staying in a hotel? IF so they will probably run some interesting trips.. whilst we were there we went to El Djem - the Roman Amphitheatre, Carthage, Kairouan, plus a 2 day trip down south to the Sahara taking in many other beautiful places on the way (you could always check out my tunisia set ;) )Definatley worth spending a few quid on... locally there are the medinas and local markets etc..
public knife [deleted] 11 years ago
Thank you, breakbeat!
The sahara and the amphitheatre.. sounds interesting! We will stay in a hotel, but we will try to make as many trips as possible. Of course I´ll have a look at your Tunisia set ;-)
Hayyy 11 years ago
You can also visit Sidi bou said, it is in the north of Tunis (the capital) 60 km from Hammamet (about 1 hour drive).
It is a very beatifull town, and while you are in tunis you can go to the bardo museum: it has the world's most important collection of mosaic.
Try kelibia and El haouaria too, not far from hammamet, they have splendid beaches (and a fort)
public knife [deleted] 11 years ago
Thank you so much for the information, Hayyy! I´ll try to check it all out ;-)
_sim_ 11 years ago
Kairouan didn't do it for me. I'd recommend to take one of the "Tunisian South" packages, where you'll cover Matmata or Tataouine (troglodyte houses), Douz, Tozeur (the desert and the salt lakes, El Jem (the colosseum), The Red Lizard Train (breath taking views) and an oasis. All this can be done in a 2-3 tour... very exhausting. About $300DT including accomodation and transport. That will give you plenty of time for the beach in Hammamet :)

I second the recommendation on Sidi Bou Said and I would also recommend Bizerte if you have time. Beautiful old port, perfect for a one day trip from Tunis. In Tunis, I'd suggest the medina (more impressive than the others I saw) and the Bardo.

Finally, not too far is port El Kantaoui, with a small port close to Sousse. I think it's about 50km from Hammamet? It's very pretty in the evening.

Hope this helps.. I just got back from Tunisia and had a fantastic time (be cautious of the pickpockets, they are very good). I hope you have a fantastic time too!!

andzer PRO 10 years ago
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wretched tent [deleted] 9 years ago
Hello we have just more or less come back from Tunisia,the sahara beach hotel Skanes,great place,certainly have taken some great photos,but certainly the country in some places open up your eyes and make you realise what you have here in the west,happy holidays please drop by anytime,and for chat,Claire in Stoke on Trent UK
tunishomestay 8 years ago
Hi, Bizerte is nice and calm too. You can view photos and information here:
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