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leftoverking ADMIN March 15, 2011
Say hello to 2011 with a TtV collaboration. Just a reminder that this is a group for collaborating with someone on a ttv project, not a pool for individual's photos. :) I see lot's of potential for ttv pairings out there... don't be shy people.

Group Description

Welcome to the TtV Collaboration Project
2 photographers. 4 photos. A whole lot of possibilities.

(Not sure what TtV is? Try this group and see if you don't get hooked like we did!)

The aim of this group is to facilitate collaborations between TtV photographers through the creation of diptychs of their pictures.

Find a partner. They send you one of their TtV photos. You pair it up with one of yours to create a diptych that you then upload to the group pool (please see below for posting guidelines).
At the same time, you send one of your TtV photos to them, and they do exactly the same.
So, you end up with 2 photographers, 4 photos, and two completely new creations of TtV gorgeousness!

How to get started:

• visit this thread to find a partner to collaborate with

• decide which photo from your stream you want your partner to use

• and vice versa

• now off you go to take the perfect shot to match your partner's photo and make your diptych!!

• to simplify the diptych-making process you can use fd's mosaic maker. You just need the urls of the two photos on Flickr you want to use - they even give you the code to put in the description to credit each photographer! (thank you to getthebubbles for the tip!)

• upload your new diptych to your stream and add it to the group pool (see below for tagging guidelines)

• sit back and enjoy your work of collaborative art ...

• ... but only for a while - then go back and start again :)

How to post your collaborations:

• original photos used in diptychs, and the resulting diptychs, should be tagged with "ttv collaboration project"

• please link to the original photos in the description of the resulting diptych

• please only post the resulting diptychs to the pool - there is no need to post the original images since there will be links in the description to them.

Single TtV images will be removed from the pool

Please don't take this personally, and feel free to add your original images to discussion threads (in 'small' size only)

Some important stuff:

• copyright for all individual photos used in TtV collaborations remains with the original artists unless otherwise stated by them

• if you are approached by people wanting to buy your resulting diptych, or use it in any way, responsibility is with the two artists involved to agree terms between themselves

• the TtV Collaboration Project is not to be held responsible for any misunderstandings between artists or with third parties as regards copyright issues or misuse


Additional Info

  • Accepted content types: Photos, Images
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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