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serac ADMIN July 4, 2007
Remember! True-Tone HDR images only, please. Thanks!

If your image does not fit the general criteria given below in the TTHDR rules, this image will be removed.

If you are not sure if your image is "true tone," or if you do not know how to make your image more realistic, post a new topic, or look through the many past TTHDR topics.

Group Description

This group is dedicated to High Dynamic Range (HDR) photos that represent the scene as observed by the human eye. Many variations of HDR can be found on Flickr ranging from true representation to surreal scenes. Many of the surreal photos are very beautiful and a great artistic expression. However this group is only for true tone scenes or HDR photos that try to capture what the photographers eye observed.

This group is not a replacement for the HDR group but was started for the study of True Tone HDR photos.

Issues that will get your image removed from the pool:


Colors must have real-world hues and believable saturation values.

Contrast must be believable to the eye--most HDR suffer from too low of contrast.

Halos are halos in high-contrast areas from poor algorithm rendering, and a dead-giveaway for non-TTHDR work.

Single Exposure

This topic had some heated discussion, but it was decided that high dynamic range images are created of two or more photos, each with unique and original EXIF values.

Gray Plague

Instead of calling this phenomenon just "gray", I coined the term "gray plague" to describe the gray cast that is found in many poor renditions. Fix this by manually setting your white balance and boosting the contrast.

Unreal Clouds

This will most likely be lumped in with the first topic most of the time, but some HDR algorithms (Photomatix, notoriously) have the ability to produce unreal dynamic range in clouds. While this may look "cool", the probability that they actually looked that intensely dynamic and slim to none.

"Why" shots

Some shots do not need to have HDR increases. If you're doing HDR for the hell of it, submit it to the HDR group, if you're doing HDR with actual dynamic range increases, we'd love to host it here.

I would like to see HDR photos submitted here to be tagged with TTHDR

Additional Info

  • Members can post 3 things to the pool each day.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Videos, Images, Art, Screenshots
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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