BossBob50 PRO 7:15pm, 16 February 2009 pick one to award from Tresors' Artistiques?! This is impossible! Strongest, most dynamic and creative pool on flickr. My goodness, what artistry exists out there........”

I wrote these words to Jerri, Vondy, Jane, Telzey and (entelepentele) Monika today.

From time to time – life puts things together in one place at one time: the Impressionists in France, The Bauhaus in Berlin, Michelangelo and Leonardo in Italy, Jazz in the semi-segregated ghettos of America, and extraordinary things happen.

Time and place float in time and space now and Tre'sors Artistiques (pop. 520 souls) places extraordinary artists together in a way possible that never existed until now. We are Paris, Berlin, New York, Rome, Tokyo, Rio, Cairo, Athens and more, all at once.

To Heck! with the Salons de Paris; we have "Tre'sors Artistiques!"

I swoon when I open the pool. How do I comment on just one? How do I fave just one? I fall to my knees in artistic despair: “How can I hope to compete with such talent?” I clasp my hands to my head: “How do I suckle creativity from them all?” My lips are always pressed to my screen.

How dare I put my images next to these: “Not good enough yet,” I mutter, “I’m not good enough yet.”

My eyes savor each and every image as one would savor the scent of the one you most secretly desire. I inhale the images through my nose, I chew them with my mouth, I hear their song through my ears, I feel their touch in my heart.

Egads, people! Take it easy on an old man….

Of the many pools I am humbled to have been accepted by, there are about 15 that are most delicious and precious to me. And, this is the one whose scent and heat and acceptance I desire most. I make love to each of you through your images, and you to me (which may explain my being tired – but smiling happily - so often recently).

I must yell at you all at the top of my lungs - “You Magnificient Son-of-Bitches!!!!!!!!!”
Jerri Johnson (away) PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Jerri Johnson (away) (admin) 9 years ago
Bob, you make my also make me smile, laugh, chortle and guffaw! You have such a way with words and pictures, and as I already told you, you should publish a book filled with both. I thank you on behalf of those artists who may miss reading this. The rest can thank you themselves. Hugs!!
Telzey 9 years ago
LOL! My day was in serious need of a good chuckle. Thank you!!

Trésors is indeed a magnificent group made all the more wonderful by your presence in it. :*

I'm afraid you're going to have to do what I do: award, award, award ... and then run before I'm tempted to award some more.

entelepentele 9 years ago
beautiful words, thank you, dear Bob:)))
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