8 Skeins of Danger 4:15pm, 9 April 2008
Ok Tree Fanatics!

If you could be a tree....
which tree would you be?

I'd be a Banana tree!
Making good food all day in the sun....hanging around w/ monkees...
You get the idea.

So, c'mon pick a tree and give us a little "why" while you're at it!
marked connection [deleted] 10 years ago
Banana tree, cuz you're bananas!
Ok, that was silly.

Well, Barbara... (wink) I think I'd be some kind of cherry tree.

1) I get wounded easily, and can't hide my scars.
2) Cherry trees are fragrant (I always wear cologne).
3) Cherry trees feed and protect wildlife, like I do. Woodpeckers make cavities in them, and the cherry trees provide homes for birds and other wildlife, that way.

Great question, btw. Thanks for contributing! I just hope you and I aren't the only ones who do..
8 Skeins of Danger 10 years ago
Said in best Baba Wawa voice:

Nice choice!
ladymeow215 10 years ago
*I could definitely see 8 being a Banana tree cuz he's so silly. I love both of your reasons why you would be those trees.

It's a toss up for me between a Weeping Willow and a Japanese red Maple. I can't decide.
marked connection [deleted] Posted 10 years ago. Edited by marked connection (member) 10 years ago
8 Skeins... lol! I actually heard her voice saying that!

Meow... Weeping Willows are my favorite trees. :-)
What about your Willow Oak? Can you see similarities between your tree and you?
Mr owain 10 years ago
Your all weird in an awesome way! I love it :D
8 Skeins of Danger 10 years ago
Now ..... what tree would you be?
marked connection [deleted] 10 years ago
Melissa!!!!!!!!! Helloooooooooo??

Owain177.... hellooooooooooooo? lol
Pentax Penny 10 years ago
Hey, I didn't know this thread was here! I haven't looked, I suppose!
If I were a tree I'd have to be some kind of nut.....tree! LOL!!
marked connection [deleted] 10 years ago
hahaha! ;-)
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