Thank you!

marked connection [deleted] 4:23am, 4 February 2008
I just wanted to thank everyone who joined this humble little group. Your participation is appreciated! We're all good people who love something beautiful, and this will be the best dern group on Flickr, gosh-darnit!

Can I get a witness! lol

Seriously, thank you all. :-)
Pentax Penny 10 years ago
O.K., I'll second that!
merwing✿little dear PRO 10 years ago
thanks for starting it! trees need more fan clubs. :)
I just spammed you with all my photos. ;)
marked connection [deleted] 10 years ago
Thanks, you two!

Aimee, that's great! Keep posting! And feel free to invite others to join, when you come across tree pics. :-)
CVerwaal PRO 10 years ago
Let's have it for the trees..!!! Where would we be without them.....!!
marked connection [deleted] 10 years ago
We'd be in big trouble without them... no oxygen or climate regulation. And besides that, what would we climb? lol

petahopkins PRO 10 years ago
Where WOOD we be without them?
Pentax Penny 10 years ago
Well, we couldn't BRANCH off into this group!
C. William Johnston PRO 10 years ago
its fun .. thanks for making a cool group
marked connection [deleted] 10 years ago
petaj & Bronwyn... lol @ you, two!

broken images... thank YOU for your participation! :-)
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