The Elvis Camera

sam.d 10:03pm, 13 March 2006
The Elvis Camera.

Take pictures that look as though Elvis is right next to you with the Elvis Camera! Picture the King as a surfer serenading you by tropical moonlight— as a handsome G.I. taking you for a stroll in the park. Follow the simple instructions, making certain to center your subject in the frame, then develop as you would any other disposable camera. Your 4" x 6" photos will magically feature 4 each of 6 different Elvis scenes--starring you! 24 exposures; built-in flash.
filmgoerjuan 10 years ago
Wow...your photos will even have an Elvis Presley Enterprises copyright notice in the upper right-hand corner!

It's like the King himself is officially licensing your image to help fund his insatiable appetite for fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches!
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