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Should submitted photos in this group be moderated?

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LordRayden is a group administrator LordRayden says:

Let us know what do you think about this topic. Thank you...
Originally posted at 4:15PM, 17 May 2008 PST (permalink)
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*melkor* is a group administrator *melkor* says:

... I think all the Good Trashers will join this group and so it is not necessary to moderate but... why not?

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Nᴉɹʌɐuɐ SQ says:

Hi there trashers! :D

It is a pity but also an interesting situation to have trashbit reloaded hehe!

I don't think that there is need of moderation if what you mean is the "safe level" of images...

Originally posted ages ago. (permalink)
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Marie C. CUDRAZ says:


No idea its necessary to moderate here, or to cancelled some time...

I just hope we will have fun together and good photos trashbit and creativ

What we do with the old group ? let's run ? or clean sometime a rather ?

Glad to see you !!!
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Christopher B. Romeo Photography says:

I think moderation is *always* needed. It only takes one bad apple to, well, you know the cliche. Vigilance will keep this a group that people will want to keep coming back to over and over.

Just my opinion. - Chris
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snufffilmcharlie says:

I not really a big fan of groups with moderation cues (though I'm an admin for two of them). I often wonder if people are as likely to comment on other photos if there is no guarantee that their pictures will be accepted and posted in a group. Moderation can be equally as effective if it is done after pictures are submitted to a pool (in my opinion).
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In Memoriam BACKYard Woods Explorer says:

It's just easier for the group owner to look over the pool every couple days or so, and delete the ones that don't belong. Being the owner of of a busy group with a pool of 11,540, I've only ever removed one picture.
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elbrozzie says:

:Yeah, definitely, I think this group should be moderated. Many photos have been posted that have nothing to do with Trash. Such postings undermine the integrity of the group.
120 months ago (permalink)

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