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Jen's Photography ADMIN September 23, 2008
transcend (Photography): to go beyond, rise above, there is no limit: transcendence, transcendent, greater, better, more, or going beyond or above: transcendental, describes an experience, event, object or idea that is extremely special and unusual and cannot be named or understood and is not seen or experienced in ordinary ways...

Group Description

((( transcend dépassez supere 超越しなさい ))). Get yours at bighugelabs.com/flickr

Forgive me but I had to change how many pictures are allowed in to the group. The daily amount has been over whelming, and I am just one person. ;P

verb [T] FORMAL
to go beyond, rise above, no limits:

noun [U] FORMAL

adjective FORMAL
greater, going beyond:

adjective FORMAL
describes an experience, event, object or idea that is extremely special and unusual and cannot be understood or seen in ordinary ways


This is a very specific group that I am creating from a very specific idea and experience.

I belonged to a beautiful group, which, I believed, wanted one kind of photograph. The kinds of photographs I will invite here... Only to find out the fellow Admins said I was not choosing the right kinds of photographs? So, this group will lovingly gather in the kind of photographs that my eyes, my heart and my soul longs to see and know...

This will be a strange kind of group because this is a strange topic, but, I know what I have in mind... And I hope, soon, you will too...

I know the word "illusive" should be in your photograph. I do tend to like motion, blur, as well, but this is not necessary. Think: suggestion, impression... This is hard to isolate but the viewer should look beyond the subject in the photograph. The word timeless comes to mind, too... Frozen in time, timeless...

Please forgive that I will hold, review and eventually "judge" your beautiful photographs for entrance into this pool. If I do not allow your photograph into the pool it was never because it was not beautiful, but rather because it did not capture the illusive thing that I am looking for...

All subjects (accept of an adult manner) are invited here... :)

Right now, I think manipulated photographs will be okay...

Thank you for all your work, patience and genius!*

Thank you for adding this beauty to: ((( transcend dépassez supere 超越しなさい )))

Here is a recent Gallery I made using some of the beauty from this group:



Group Rules

All subject pictures are submitable but not "adult" themed photographs. This group is artistic but rated G.

Please come read the opening page*...

Additional Info

  • Members can post 2 things to the pool each month.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Images, Art, Screenshots
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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