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south of the metro ADMIN October 12, 2010
To all those who would like to join, this is a group for those aspiring photographers who happen to like toys as well, if you love collecting toys but have no interest in learning more of photography..this may not be the group youre looking for.

Group Description

Toy Photography - the other side. Get yours at

Yups, this is another addition to the countless flickr group concerning photography of toys.

However, i would like to see or take a different route in photographing toys. that is to present photos in such a way as they would look like....well photos. Photographs that may appeal to older generations outside of toy collecting group. If possible, a well thought out and well presented photos of ordinary toys considering the rules of photography or any basic pose but has that "great shot" appeal. We might as well try.. theres nothing to loose anyway and everything to gain in the process.

heres a quick guide to get you started in the group

1) MEMBER INTRODUCTION, newbies please check this out first, wed love to know your name and a few things about you.

2) MODERATORS, these are the people who can help you out in case you need to ask/know something within the group

3) In this group, we try to help each other out to learn. so heres a few of the discussions you might be interested in

a) PHOTOGRAPHY BASICS, this shall cover a few tips in composing, not that much info yet but will update

b) LIGHT PAINTING, heres one technique you can use with your toy shots, let perry and the rest of the guys fill you in on this one.

c) PROCESSING-EDITING, i'll try to post reference links for processing tutorials in here

d) LIGHTING SETUPS, heres where the guys show you the things that make their shots work

e) ADDITIONAL QUERIES, got something youd like to know but not covered by those previous topics discussed? post it here., any questions which you think might benefit the group instead of using private msg to other members. wed love to know as well

4) YOTSUBA's Pick, This is where you can get to know a few things about the members, check it might be interesting to know whats on the mind of these freaks., heres a list of those already done with the interview.

John, Bleau, Sean, Perry, Luke, Kthai, Mike, Vince, Ryan, Vanessa, Mel, Isaac, Kevin, Fishy, Cindy, Jeff, JD, Ernie, Gareth, Alfredo, Vesa, Ed, Paul, Mark, Adrian, Tim, Stefan, Hock, Benedyct, Christoph, KG, Jed, Mariel, Jennifer, KT,

5) >REFERRALS, found a worthy stream, an excellent shot, a great bargain, schedule for a toy exhibit or anything related to the group you can post it here

6) any others...just tell me about it.


So please post it here, digitally altered or not.

Something to ask yourself when submitting images for the group pool

1) is your composition interesting enough to make people take a second look? do you think your background, figure placement, lighting, etc made your shot above average?

2) is your image over/underexposed? is it sharp or blurred? will people recognize the figure even though its low lit?

3) did you overdo it? the concept, dio, processing? in general, too much of anything is probably bad

5) if you think you'd get more screwed up thinking bout these things and rather shoot as you like., then just submit and wait if it gets accepted. doesnt matter which gear, what type of editing software, what background (digital or not) or which toy you use., as long as the outcome presents itself as an art form.

Be creative, play with the light, angle, tones, etc.. aside from having fun, it gives us the opportunity to learn more in photography.

toy photography - THE OTHER SIDE - View this group's most interesting photos on Flickriver

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These are some of the BEST works the group has to offer for your viewing pleasure

DESERT PREDATOR by Boogeyman13

Desert Predator


107/365 | Tie Fighter Training


DC Universe Classics Superman

Group Badge

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Group Rules

Although what we are doing is taking pictures of our toys, it still is appropriate to follow the basic rules of photography. so if you think you have covered the basics (ie, composition, lighting, etc) and produced a photograph then post it here.

kindly note that not all submitted photos may be accepted.,it is admins discretion to deny photos which does not comply with the groups theme. denied photos does not mean we dont want you, it only means a second chance for you to come up with something better.

Kindly submit those with interesting composition, nice use of lighting or any other creative composites you have. Please dont post snapshots, be creative.

lastly, by joining this group means you are willing to participate in this group's acivities in the discussion forum. aside from compiling great images, we would like to foster friendship.

Additional Info

  • Members can post 1 thing to the pool each day.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Images, Art, Screenshots
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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