e_diaz004 6:25am, 27 August 2009
Hello Fellow Group Members,
My name is Ed Diaz and I am about to begin a 365 project based on a toy. I’m not going to say his/her name because it will spoil the surprise =P The reason for this post is to let anyone who is interested in following these sort of things. I know I am. A big thanks goes out to WillyCoolPics who is currently working on a Danbo 365 adventure. You should check them out they make a really great team. Well I hope I can get as much support as possible, even if I don’t I’m still determined to finish what I am about to begin and I promise to use as much as my creativity as possible that way I can keep all of you coming back. My adventure begins at midnight Pacific Standard Time. Wish me luck and I hope to get feedback throughout my adventure. =]

-Your Pal Ed
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