My Tortie 10:24pm, 11 November 2009
Just name it....
My Tortie 9 years ago
Treats, brushing..
My Tortie 9 years ago
or stealing the spotlight or flickr space
fontanafox 9 years ago
Tons of toy mousies, treats and alot of my spare time devoted to throwing her toys so she can bring them back to me.
tigerisskat 9 years ago
she sits on my lap and I just scratch her head for hours on end
lady6ugz24 8 years ago
I spoil her with a few licks of ice cream. She loves it and I can't keep her away when I'm eating it!
rustyc337 8 years ago
I spoil my Tortie by constantly buying her toys. Any time I'm near a pet store, I drop in to see what I can buy for her. Since she is under a year old, all toys have to be without catnip. (vet's advice) She has a senstive stomach so I'm always careful about what I feed her. I guess you can say I also spoil her by buying her the expensive food that she likes. She loves the Friskie's appitizers. I'm dropping anywhere from $30 - $60 on catfood alone but I know it's what she will eat. I'm always looking for ways to spend money on my tortie
Feeding Mystery when she requests her breakfast at six a.m.
Long grooming sessions.
Large quantities of catnip rubbed onto the carpet of her cat tree.
Every consideration to her many needs and wants.
Not having any other cat but She Who Must Be Obeyed!!
MychelleKitten 8 years ago
Mine spoils herself. If no one is currently petting her, she has a corner of my wall that she will sit, for hours, and rub her face against....the paint is starting to come off my wall!
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