Is mine one?

Gisele Theriault 1:18pm, 9 July 2007

Is mine a Tortishell? :) Her belly is all white, but the rest is black and orange... wasn't sure if she was a calico or tortishell.
MychelleKitten 11 years ago
She appears to be a classic tortie & white, or otherwise known as a Red-black-white tortie. =P

Its sometimes hard to figure out if these types of tortie's are actually plain calicos. But if you take a look at the pictures here on Wiki of a range of different tortie and calico markings, you'll see the slight difference.

Another quick way I remember is Calico's are rather "Splotchy" like they were painted in sections, rather then Torties that looks like someone sprinkled paint on them here and there. Heh. 10 years ago
All Torti's are calico's but not all calico's are torti...I would think that she ahs enough black in her to justify being a tortie. :)
catman2242 4 years ago
Great picture. What you have is a Tortie and White. She is beautiful. I had two that traveled from Florida to Germany for 3 years and then to Texas. A Mother and Daughter. Just 2 of my list of Torties since 1975. I have a Dark Tortie now. Miss Malibu Dancer. She is listed in the group. Torties are magic. She will bless whoever beholds her.
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