2-Dog-Farm 6:24am, 21 November 2006
waiting for sunflower seeds
she came to us as a stray over a year ago and we still don't know what kind of breed she is. does anyone know? thanks!
MychelleKitten 12 years ago
She looks like a tortie to me! Even though she does have the speck of white on her chest, I am still pretty ure thats a long-haired tortie. =P
HBKittyCat 12 years ago
That is definatly a torti!
suziemycat 11 years ago
She sure is !

If you want to see lots of torties and calicos, try tortiecats.free.fr
mysteryclive 9 years ago
What a prime beauty Torti is she!!
emili_cat 9 years ago
thats a torty, looks a little like mine.
{ <3 } 9 years ago
Definitely :) Though white isn't all that common, it's not unheard of on tortie cats. My Stella has stripes of white on both her back legs. Long-haired torties are gorgeous!
blackisrose 9 years ago
looks like she has alittle maine coon in her she is a big cat.
fontanafox 9 years ago
Looks like a gorgeous long-haired Tortie to me.
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