HBKittyCat 9:56am, 5 November 2006
I'm just encouraging people to buy cats and kittens from shelters. If they cnt find homes for the kittens they put them down. please help them. I'm getting two kittens from the shelter Ive a Torti and Clover a tabby! Go on if you need a cat or kitten go to a shelter and dnt over look the adults too they desaperatly need a home coz most people go for kittens. Anyone who has got a cat or kitten from ashelter post a message! Its something to be proud of! While your here take a look at my artical "Memorial for Coco" its worth a quick look! Luv Coco 4eva. HBKittycatXXX
fontanafox 9 years ago
All my cats are from shelters.
My Tortie 9 years ago
My tortie was adopted from the shelter when she was two years old. My other kitty is a black oriental also adopted from the shelter when he was five years old in 2008. The shelter was running a campaign "Black is Beautiful" at the time which they stopped running because of people' "sensitivity" with the campaign title. That's how Big Boy came into my home.
bright vest [deleted] 8 years ago
I am adopting a gorgeous tortie kitten, have placed a HOLD, $20, such a deal. She's been named (by me): GLEE (after my favorite show on tv) and there is an adult tortie who has shown affection toward Glee, and whom I might also adopt. I also agree that adult cats don't get a fair shake. When I fell ill a year ago, my landlady gave my cats to the Humane Society (which euthanizes unwamted pets); they were 3 yrs, raised from kittens, and it broke my heart. I will never know what happened to them. I've had two black and white dsh, a gogeous long haired calico, and now my new 1 and maybe 2 torties. Super excited. Kim, Glee and Cat to be Named! Might be Maui, Jazz or Rhapsody, with Sadie for short. xoxo
I adopt all my cats/kittens from the SPCA here

Ive had 4 Torties in my life (2 kittens and 2 6 months Old Cats) and getting 5th one when theres one at SPCA since my last one Claire Died on 1st September

Ive also had Ginger and Black cat also from SPCA
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