HBKittyCat 9:29am, 5 November 2006
Aurgust 13th 2004 we got Coco on my birthday! He was a cute lil kitten, black and fluffy, really cute and friendly. In the mornings he'd jump on my bed and lick my nose so i'd get up!When he was older he often went out and had two female friends a torti Trixie and Holly a lil black cat! A few nights ago he didnt come home but i didnt give up calling i cared to much! Eventually he came in but he was really drained. For two days he slept solid so we decided to take him to the vets they said he had been posioned by antifreeze. Someone had spilt antifreeze and Coco had stepped in it. He had a 50/50 chance to live or die. The next few days were hell for coco and us, i cried 4 ages and Coco was looking worse everyday. Eventually he had a heart attack in mums arms. That was the saddest day of my life. I loved that cat and he was only two years old he was too young to die. Please everyone who reads this be careful. Coco will always remain in my heart and i want him to be remembered for ever! Luv Coco for ever! HBKittycatXXX
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