MychelleKitten 5:40pm, 28 July 2006
As said on the front page, this group is for Tortishell Cat lovers.

Often called Tortie's or Tortie-Cats, they are a type of calico-fur coloring. They do not have nearly as much white as usual calicos, and normally do not have any white fur at all. The tortie-fur coloring can range from either very dark, to very light. The lighter colored Tortishell Calicos I like to call "Pastel Torties". The colors of fur normally range in black, brown, orange, and cream with possible very small spot of white. Most Tortie's look as if they have been splattered with paint in tiny droplets, and you would be very hard pressed to find two Tortie-cats that look alike, they are usually always different!

Feel welcome to join and show your lovely Tortie-cat pictures. Anyone who has owned a Tortie knows they usually gain a soft spot in your heart. Thanks for taking the time to read!

Remember! Try to only post Tortie-Calicos. =P Too much white fur is a normal Calico!
vagabondgems 12 years ago
My Sadie AKA (Mercedes when shes good) is I believe a tortie. I rescued the high princess from the evil claws of the humane society many years ago when she sucked up to me in the greeting room. Mnay years later she is the comedian and main entertainment source in our household as she rolls around in life. She has acutally rolled off the fridge into Taco slop, rolled off the counter onto my lap and rolled off the top of the shower into a full tub of water. Shes quite the kitty!
HBKittyCat 12 years ago
Hi i love the artical on tortie cats. My cat coco died a few days ago from antifreeze posioning so anyone who read this please be careful! I loved coco and he was only two i h8 living in a huge house with no cats coz its so lonely so i txt sturminster shelter and now I'm about to get a Tortie kitten called Ive! I'm also taking on her brother Clover from the shelter coz i would h8 for them to get seperated plus its good to get cats and kittens from the shelter coz if they cnt find a home 4 them they get put down. I cnt wait to get Ive and Clover! I love Tortis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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