Paul Henman 3:52pm, 10 April 2018
This photo walk theme is what is on the ground. The spring is a time when there are interesting things left over from the winter on the ground.

I am trying a new walk format for this walk. The walk will be four hours long. We will meet up and walk for 2 hours and then stop for a coffee break. We will then walk for 2 hours and finish at the pub.

Meet up: 10:00 Am at the Dundas West Subway Station

We will walk through the lane way with the graffiti to Keele St. We will then walk through High Park.

Coffee Stop around noon: Grenadier Restaurant. We will stop for around 30 minutes.

We will then continue through High Park. The cherry blooms may be starting to show.
We will then go down to the lake and follow the path to the pub stop.

Pub Stop around 2:00 PM Firkin on the Bay (68 Marine Parade Dr) Unconfirmed

Hash Tag: TOPW2018rs

Walk Leader Brad 416-305-0266
Paul Henman Posted 9 months ago. Edited by Paul Henman (admin) 9 months ago
Rescheduled for April 28th. (I've changed the title of this post rather than create a new one.)
Abhijit Biswas OV 9 months ago
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