Georgie_grrl PRO 6:08pm, 23 November 2016
Soooooooooo ....

Michael and I are gearing up for our third leap of insanity on January 1st! The Toronto Polar Bear Dip is just around the corner and some of your TOPW peeps are hitting the lake for Habitat for Humanity! This year we will also be featuring fellow fearless folks, Andrew Grieve and Mark Collins - whoo hoooo! The more the merrier! ;)

If you can sponsor us, that would be awesome! Otherwise, cheerleaders and warm thoughts are also appreciated. :D More information here:
mishlove1 2 years ago
Getting closer to "The Dip".
Paul Henman PRO Posted 2 years ago. Edited by Paul Henman (admin) 2 years ago
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As is tradition for TOPW, we will kick off the year with the Hair of the Dog walk on January 1st.

Meet: 11am on the beach/boardwalk by Sunnyside Pavillion [map]
There's usually a huge crowd, so we normally break up into smaller groups in order to find spots from which to shoot.

Rumour has it that Georgette, Michael, Andrew Grieve and Mark Collins are taking part in the 12th annual Toronto Polar Bear Dip and raising money for Habitat for Humanity Greater Toronto Area.

After the dip (about 12:30pm) we'll head to a bar. (Firkin on the Bay - confirmed)

There's no walk planned after lunch; we usually sit around and chat for most of the afternoon.

Hashtag: "TOPW2017rs"
Georgie_grrl PRO 2 years ago
Countdown is on kiddies - look forward to seeing our cheerleading section there! ;)

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas and is having a lovely Hannukah. :D
Georgie_grrl PRO 2 years ago
A big thank you to all the supporters and cheerleaders that came out to take photos and make sure that Michael, Andrew and I didn't freeze our tushies off! ;)
Thank you to those who also donated to support Habitat for Humanity - we really appreciate it.

No better way to start off the new year than with awesome friends like you - all the very best to you and yours in the new year ahead! Looking forward to many more photo adventures with you all. ox
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