Paul Henman PRO 9:26pm, 14 October 2016
Geoff has proposed a leaderless walk; the plan is to meet at 10am on Sunday (Oct16) at the Starbucks on the NW corner of King & Yonge. Those who are there will decide on the route and stops. "We can organize ourselves based on numbers, weather and photo interests. There's lots of local knowledge and photo experience to be shared."
If you're joining the walk after they start, Geoff's phone number is 416-571-1809.
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Georgie_grrl PRO 2 years ago
See you there!
Lú_ PRO 2 years ago
Heads up to people coming via transit - there are all sorts of morning TTC disruptions because of the waterfront marathon tomorrow. I haven't figured out yet how it's possible for me to get there in the morning from where I live without just walking the whole way. From what I can tell, there's no way at all to get from Ossington to Bay going east/west anywhere below Bloor. Don't bother planning to come by streetcar from the west.
future water [deleted] 2 years ago
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