Paul Henman 10:50pm, 19 September 2016
This year’s WorldWide PhotoWalk coincides with the regular Toronto Photo Walks schedule again, so the morning will be a combined walk.

Morning: If you want to join the morning's walk, please join the WWPW list.

Lunch: The Monk’s Table (confirmed - they're expecting about 40 people to arrive between noon and 12:30pm).

Afternoon: I'm guessing we'll set off about 2pm - it's going to take a while for everyone to be fed & watered. We'll head across Rosehill Reservoir and back into the Yellow Creek ravine. Head north, under St.Clair, and into Mt.Pleasant cemetery. There are a choice of paths, but we'll strike generally east until we reach Mt.Pleasant Road. There we'll walk north to Davisville Ave; west to Pailton Crescent and along Balliol St to see Al Green Sculpture Park. It's then just a short walk north on Yonge to the pub. [Map for the afternoon]

Post-walk pub: The Wallace (confirmed)

Hashtag: TOPW:WWPW2016

Walk leader: Paul, cell# 647-388-5356
Georgie_grrl 2 years ago
See you then! Whoo hoooo!
mishlove1 2 years ago
Its been awhile....good to get out on a photo walk.
Georgie_grrl 2 years ago
Thanks for the walkies folks - good to see you Paul! It had been much too long.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend folks! :)
Paul Henman 2 years ago
Good to see you too!
Jay:Dee Posted 2 years ago. Edited by Jay:Dee (member) 2 years ago
Always good to see you reprobates... I mean great people! ;)
Georgie_grrl 2 years ago
Jay:Dee: Pot calling the kettle black! ;p
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