Paul Henman PRO 1:33am, 11 August 2016
Thanks to Andrew for hosting this!

Time for a "walk" in the shade ...

Andrew's address: 40 Harriet St, Toronto .... 1 block north of Leslie & Gerrard

The plan: Gather at my house/backyard at 11am and for a couple of hours we will take portraits of each other - Yes! ---- YOU get to be the models as well as the photographers.
I will have a few set ups in and around my house, plus there are some locations on my street that we can use.
I have light boxes, umbrellas, a few strobes, universal trigger ... some stuff.
Bring your off camera flashes, any props or other gear you think appropriate

At 1pm-ish we will sit down for a pot luck lunch.
My backyard is quite large with lots of seating and is 95% shaded - by the trees, by the permanent tarp and the temporary parachute.

After lunch we will sit in the shade and talk a lot .....

Hashtag: TOPW:PPL
Georgie_grrl PRO 2 years ago
Count me in and I'll bring a few props since I *might* have something around here that would be helpful for this 'walk'. ;)
Georgie_grrl PRO 2 years ago
That was fun - thanks for everyone that participated. Look forward to the results. :)
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