Walk dates

Paul Henman 12:28pm, 23 March 2014
Remember that this year we have changed the cadence of the schedule - it's the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of each month. This means the walk after March 15th will be April 5th.

There's also a change in the dates for May: our schedule would mean we'd be walking on May 3rd but this has been changed to the Sunday (May 4th) to align with the "global day of #Flickr10 Photo Walks" to mark their 10th birthday.

Don't forget that we have a calendar feed which you can follow (e.g. if you use Google calendar) and then the walk dates will show up automagically! :)
Paul Henman Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Paul Henman (admin) 5 years ago and Lú_ are organising our #Flickr10 walk.

Vicki is organising a Dim Sum mini Photo Walk Sunday, March 30 (over on Facebook).
JeffStewartPhotos 5 years ago
How can we subscribe to the Toronto Photo Walks Google Calendar?
What is the calendar's address?
Paul Henman 5 years ago
If you use Google Calendar, the info is @

...and our calendar feed is @

Thanks to Thomas for pointing out: most clients (including Google Agenda) need the calendar feed in ICS format for subscribing, instead of the embed link that Paul has provided. Here's the URL to the ICS feed:
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