Fotomarathon Berlin 9:26pm, 7 September 2007
The perfect place to take the best photos of Berlin. On that day 250 people will be shooting 6000 photos of Berlin. Come and join the fun!

The photocompetition under special circumstances
1 Camera. 12 Hours. 24 Topics.

When: Saturday 22.09.07, 12.00 pm
Where: Podewil, Klosterstrasse 68-70 Berlin Mitte
Number of participants: Limited to 250
Registration Via internet
Fee: 27€

The challenge to 250 creative, stress-resistant and ambitious photographers is back in Berlin on September 22nd 2007 at 12.00 in Podewil. This eight Berliner Fotomarathon will step on digital territory, for the first time just digital photos will be accepted.

As in the past years, under a general theme, 24 ambiguous topics will be given to the participants to test their interpretation skills. The topics should be covered within twelve hours and strictly respect the given chronological order. The winner is not the one who arrives first but the one who takes the best and most consistent series of 24 photos in 12 hours.

The Fotomarathon starts at noon Podewil (Klosterstrasse 68-70, Berlin Mitte) and unfolds along three other stations located through all the city until midnight. The stations are located around the inner Berlin city and can be reached easily either through the public transport or by bicycle.

The Fotomarathon is not only about photographic performance it is also about developing a new point of view in the truest sense of the word. Only one chance is available for each shot: every decision counts. After a careful choice of places for the stations, the Fotomarathon also serves as an unrivaled city tour in Berlin for everyone, even for those who think of themselves as Berlin experts: a 12 hour trip to unchartered territory for Berliners and visitors alike! Registration is underway online at and the number of participants is limited to 250.

The award ceremony will take place three weeks later, within the framework of an exhibition, where all photo series from all participants will be exhibited. Place and time will be announced later. After te event, participants can also share their photos in an official Flickr Fotomarathon Group, and reach out to a worldwide public.

The participation fee is 27 € which includes: Prints of the whole 24 photo series and free entrance to the exhibition and the award ceremony

Main sponsors of the Fotomarathon are and . Prizes include a Leica C-Lux digital Camera for the winner and Flickr Pro Accounts for all participants who successfully complete the Fotomarathon.

Other prizes and sponsors are: vouchers from, 1 giant photo print on canvass from , 2 pairs of inline skates from, vouchers for photographic lighting elements from, household items from and a flight over Berlin from

The Fotomarathon is organized by a team of volunteers, working within a non profit organization, the Verein für Ereignisse.
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