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Wishing you wonderful aurora moments!!

Please delete one photo when you post one. I know it's not easy to decide... And: please post only one photo at the same time... THANKS! :-)

Welcome new members, great to have you here in our group!

Have a look on our wonderful Aurora Archive! Pictures which are tagged with "top20aurora".


  • STICKY  Hall of Fame - for pics that reached number 20 position!

    When a wonderful Aurora pic reached the latest, the number 20 position of our to...

    Claude@Munich7 months ago90 replies

  • how to remove a photo

    Hello, I added a photo but I don't know how to delete one. It appears I don't ha...

    Kristaaaaa24 months ago0 replies

  • Please post "Steve"!

    "Steve" is an atmospheric optical phenomenon, which appears as a light ribbon in...

    Claude@Munich41 months ago0 replies

  • Please obey the "20 photos rule"

    That means that you do NOT post a new photo if you do not remove one. The last m...

    Espen Ørud43 months ago2 replies

  • Northern Lights in November

    Hi Everyone! I had the pleasure to see the Aurora last year in Norway, and no...

    Roberta Bocchese67 months ago0 replies

  • Highlighting Top 20 Northern Lights

    Hi all: In an effort to provide more visibility to our website, I have includ...

    exweatherman5282 months ago1 replies

  • Which lens? (Budget)

    Hi Guys, I have a 500d (1.6 crop) and I'm trying to find a good deal for a ne...

    www.borealis-aurora.com92 months ago5 replies

  • Reached Position 20? Comment / Invite Code to Aurora Archive

    88888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888 Congratulations on reac...

    Phiggys92 months ago1 replies

  • Where is everyone from?

    Anchorage, AK here!

    asmlw2994 months ago72 replies

  • North sweden aurora?

    Hi all Does anyone have any interesting shots taken in places like Abisko? I'...

    Alon Cohen (ScandiStudios)99 months ago1 replies

  • Lense circles

    I need some help from all you nice people of this site. Every time I shoot the n...

    upclosecis104 months ago5 replies

  • Welcome new members :-)

    Thank you for joining this group and sharing your photos! Please observe the ...

    Claude@Munich104 months ago17 replies

  • Aurora Video?

    Are there any objections to posting Aurora Videos in this group? This is a time-...

    Travels with my camera104 months ago19 replies

  • Obey the rules

    Can everybody please obey the rules of not having more than one photo in the poo...

    Espen Ørud110 months ago0 replies

  • 2010's aurora borealis

    so anyone else hear the bad news? apparently this is going to be a bad year for...

    photo23freak118 months ago2 replies

  • Astronomy Photographer Of The Year

    Astronomy Photographer Of The Year competition is up and running, everybody with...

    purple educationages ago1 replies

  • LIghts have been really active in Canada - April 9th-11th!

    Hi! The lights have been surely active lastweek in the Yellowknife, NWT here ...

    davedyetages ago2 replies

  • Group history

    Because I'm really impressed by the excellence of our posted pics I would like t...

    Claude@Munichages ago9 replies

  • Joanna Lumley In The Land of The Northern Lights - BBC1 Sunday 9pm

    For the Brits out there or people lucky enough to get BBC1, I strongly recommend...

    bgpqages ago0 replies

  • Hi all :)

    I just returned from norway, with some - at least for me - great photos of north...

    first friendsages ago2 replies

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