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L8o ADMIN August 29, 2009
Welcome Everyone! Enjoy! :`)

Note: Due to the recent onslaught of flickr-wide troll activity, this group's submissions have been placed temporarily on queue for the purpose of catching and removing elicit content. Thanks!

Group Description

Top-V, The Original 'Top Views' Group. Get yours at

Top-viewed flickr pictures! The most POPular views!

This is the place to exhibit your most popular shots, regardless of whether they are your best ones or not. Top-V's pool contains the hottest pictures of the flickr community, as determined by the number of views.

Most Interesting:

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Top-V Admin Amiration Society

Because Top-V absorbs a large volume of daily content, we have devised a small way to offer recognition for the amazing work members submit.
Admin Admired thread (2006 AAArchives)

Props! .. You've Been AA'd!

Top-V Showcase:

Top-V admin may blog one pool photo to our exclusive showcase following the completion of their shift, so make sure your submissions are correctly tagged!


Congrats! .. You've Been Top-V Blogged!

Blog Tools:
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BOTOP-V Counter | BOTOP-V Board (ie: Live Chat ..coming soon)

Group Submission Rules!

Top-V has a pool submission limit of 11. An image qualifies if it has acquired a minimum number of 111 views; all submissions must be tagged (See Tag List further below). Images which do not meet these conditions will be removed from the pool. Don't hesitate to inquire if you feel a moderation action has been unfairly applied to your collection.

Group Tags:

Remember to ADD your Top-V TAGS! (

Tags provide quick access to your photos. Please ONLY add a top-v tag to pictures viewed more than 111 times. Tags may be left on images even after you have rotated them out of your current set of 11. You may rotate your set's contents as often as you wish.

Note: If an image has had more than 222 views, but not 333 views, and, the ONLY applied tag is "top-v222" you must add the top-v111 tag; "top-v222" is not considered a legitimate 'Top-V' tag, but there is no harm in leaving it on provided at least one legitimate top-v tag has also been applied.

Top-V Group's DISCUSSIONS | Top-V's POOL | Top-V's Most Popular TAGS

Quick Search Top-V Tags on Flickr:

top-v111 (111-332 views)
top-v333 (333-554 views)
top-v555 (555-776 views)
top-v777 (777-998 views)
top-v999 (999-1110 views)
top-v1111 (1111-2221 views)
top-v2222 (2222-3332 views)
top-v3333 (3333-4443 views)
top-v4444 (4444-5554 views)
top-v5555 (5555-6665 views)
top-v6666 (6666-7776 views)
top-v7777 (7777-8887 views)
top-v8888 (8888-9998 views)
top-v9999 (9999+ views)

Affiliated Groups:
top-favorited .. your most-faved pictures!
top-commented .. your most commented photos! © by Cilest.

Deliberately offensive photos, explicit nudity, or photos that are clearly not of artistic value will be summarily deleted. Utilizing Flickr's filters will ensure that Top-v remains Family Friendly.

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Our Frappr!

Group Rules

- A photo must acquire not less than 111 views to be eligible for submission
to Top-V's pool.

- Each eligible photo must be tagged with at least one legitimate Top-V tag
(more on group description page as well).

- No more than 11 photos may be submitted to the pool at any given time;
however, members may rotate those 11 eligible photos as often as they wish. NOTE: The top posters queue lags in real time; this can sometimes cause more than 11 photos to appear in the list. If you notice no change after 24 hours, please let the admin of the day know. :`)

Additional Info

  • This group will count toward the photo's limit (60 for Pro members, 30 for free members)
  • Members can post 11 things to the pool.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Videos, Images, Art, Screenshots
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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