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josef.stuefer April 23, 2008
New flickr group rules: This is a 'safe' group accepting pictures classified as 'safe' or 'moderate'. Artisctic nudes are ok, pornographic content (if it slips through the filter) will be removed without notice.

Group Description

top-f  [25 fav minimum]. Get yours at

Top-fav flickr pictures! Simply the best!.

This is the place to showcase your most successful shots. The pool contains the best-loved pictures of the flickr community, as determined by popular vote. Videos are not accepted.

Submit all your pictures that have been favorited at least 25 times. All other pictures will be removed from the pool without prior notice.

Flickr Group Trackr graph

Tagging: pictures should be tagged with one of the following pool-tags:
top-f25 (25-49 faves)
top-f50 (50-74 faves)
top-f75 (75-99 faves)
top-f100 (100-149 faves)
top-f150 (150-199 faves)
top-f200 (200-249 faves)
top-f250 (250-299 faves)
top-f300 (300-349 faves)
top-f350 (350-399 faves)
top-f400 (400-449 faves)
top-f450 (450-499 faves)
top-f500 (500-549 faves)
top-f550 (550-599 faves)
top-f600 (600-649 faves)
top-f650 (650-699 faves)
top-f700 (700-749 faves)
top-f750 (750-799 faves)
top-f800 (800-849 faves)
top-f850 (850-899 faves)
top-f900 (900-949 faves)
top-f950 (950-999 faves)
top-f1000 (1000+ faves)

This allows visitors to easily find all the pictures in the different top-f categories.

Group Rules

This group is intended as a showcase for photos that have have been marked as a favorite by at least 25 people. Only photos with this many favorites will be allowed in the group pool.

You can find the number of favorites listed just below the photo date information or location map on the right side of the photo page (look for the star symbol).

You can also add /favorites to the end of the photo page URL for additional details. For example:

351 people count this photo as a favorite

See the following FAQ section for further details:

Additional Info

  • Members can post 1 thing to the pool each day.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Images, Art
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe, Moderate
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