Josh Mishell 8:28pm, 23 February 2004
Some of mine are:

She's Actual Size
She Thinks She's Edith Head
Turn Around
Meer PRO 13 years ago
I Palindrome I
Ana Ng
Josh Mishell 13 years ago
hell yeah. Ana Ng is great. and I Palindrome I, too. It's almost too hard for me to pick a favorite song, really. I do have a live version of I Palindrome I that John F. says, "Before we start this song, I'd like to personally apologize to my mother." and it's hilarious.
Meer PRO 13 years ago
That version sounds very cool. They are rather, proliferate. She Thinks She's Edith Head drives me crazy though. ;)

Some of their songs are reminiscent of high school for me.
sarah.c 13 years ago
"Don't Lets Start" was the one that got me into TMBG, years ago in high school. But I've always loved "Birdhouse in Your Soul", too.

Now I'm turning my kids onto TMBG, and they love em.
Sayscalled 13 years ago
I agree with the notion that all songs are equally my favorites. Since I discovered them back in Eighth grade, I've rarely followed any other band or music. Also, I never had to deal with peers teasing me for liking them, because usually they'd just go "Who??" :)

However...if I HAD to be nailed down to one song, it'd probably be "Sensurround".
I love Turn Around. That was great to see them play it.

I got to see them play a small venue called Joe's Pub on Broadway. It was in Manhattan, and they played Apollo 18 straight through. It ruled. Including Fingertips, which I also saw them play at SXSW this year.
Bob Gamble 13 years ago
Ana Ng
End of the Tour
Dave Makes 12 years ago
I can't really sort out my favorite TMBG songs, there are too many to process, but how about favorite new songs?

-Museum of Idiots
-Now is Strange
-You Can Only Think of Me
Birdhouse in your Soul, Particle Man, Doctor Worm, My Evil Twin.
When I saw them It was only a couple months ago and I saw them while on vacation to Ohio and I saw them at the Kidsfest in Cleveland
antbrierley PRO 12 years ago
my favourites change all the time, these 5 regularly reoccur :

Rhythm Section Want Ad
Destination Moon
Puppet Head
Mister Me
einarfour [deleted] 12 years ago
Hotel Detective
Spiraling Shape
See the Constellation
Robot Parade (Adult Version)
Experimental Film
Certain People I Could Name
Nightgown of the Sullen Moon
goldenpuppyrox711** [deleted] Posted 10 years ago. Edited by goldenpuppyrox711** (member) 10 years ago
Robot parade
bed bed bed
i am a grocery bag
lazyhead sleepybones
Dr Skimeister Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Dr Skimeister (member) 10 years ago
Youth Culture Killed My Dog
Particle Man
Till My Head Falls Off
Meer PRO 9 years ago
A lot of my current faves are from Mink Car. Bangs, Cyclops Rock, My Man, Mr. Xcitement.
f∞lish kamina PRO 8 years ago
Spiraling Shape
I Palindrome I
robot parade
Amish Gramish 8 years ago
My top favorite is Doctor Worm (I also like to play the drums).

Cyclops Rock, Spiraling Shape, Robot Parade, Don't Let's Start, Birdhouse In Your Soul, Particle Man, Till My Head Falls Off, I Am A Grocery Bag, She's An Angel, Ana Ng, and many others!
lilclerk Posted 8 years ago. Edited by lilclerk (member) 8 years ago
I am a sucker for most of their older stuff, but I rock out to Seven like every day on the way to work. It's such a fun song.
Batty aka Photobat 7 years ago
Mesopotamians, Dig My Grave, Take Out the Trash, Hotel Detective, Particle Man, Hope I Get Old Before I Die, Twisting, etc. etc!
fullardi 4 years ago
put your hand inside the puppet head
how can i sing like a girl
end of the tour
self called no where
i'm impressed
you probably get that a lot
we want a rock
whistling in the dark
snail shell
lie still, little bottle
hide away folk family

and of course don't lets start!
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