kutu [deleted] 8:11pm, 19 February 2005

it's a cool idea to make a They Might Be Giants pool. Last year I made a little video clip for Robot Parade Adult version. I'm only messing around with Windows MovieMaker, so don't expect anything special, but I thought it turned out quite cool. You can get it here:
web1.vs248192.vserver.de/multi_media/robotparade.WMV (2.2 MB)

Meer PRO 13 years ago
Haha, that is very cool! No! is one of my favorite new albums.
kutu [deleted]
Thanks, yes! It's very cool. I like Flood best though. I got it on a cassette 10 years ago when my brother came back from a student-exchange in the States. I listened to that tape 100000 times, until I bought the record some weeks ago and gave the tape away to somebody.
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