RobZphoto [deleted] 11:00pm, 7 July 2012
Im curious if there is a way to convert my intervalometer that I was using for my t3I to fit my 7d...anyone have an ideas? I really like the one I have and want to avoid buying another.
With new ones at less than £10 off ebay including one removeable cable (£2.20 each additional cable) to use on any Canon camera I doubt if the risk of damaging your camera by getting a wire crossed is worth it. Unit with 8 cables to fit most cameras <£16.

If you want to try it, a standard 2.5mm stereo audio socket (about £2.50) and a cable removed from a cheap wired remote (about £2.50) or two sockets and one of the removeable cables could be connected together to make an adaptor. This arrangement would let you use the intervalometer on most Canon cameras.

Alternatively,you could open your intervalometer up, remove the existing output cable and solder in the cable from the wired remote. You would only be able to use his with the 7D, 50D and 40D though.

Finally, you could add a 2.5mm socket in parallel (or in place of) the intervalometer output cable and use the replaceable cables mentioned above.

Connection details available here -

I think you would really have to love your existing unit a lot though (and be prepared to bin it if something shorts out).
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