BaldyD 6:16pm, 23 August 2009
Hi all,
I hope you do not mind me linking so some equipment I have for sale on ebay?

And a point and shoot, Nikon S210, with the adapter to allow it to take timelapses whilerunning of the mains;
Nikon S210 Compact
Nikon EH-62D Power Adapter

If you take a look, thanks for your time.
Buckeye. PRO 8 years ago
What if everyone put their adverts on here?
I googled 'free music' several months ago and found a couple of sites which had frre tracks to download.
Hugh_C 8 years ago
@Buckeye: they don't, apparently.
Buckeye. PRO 8 years ago
Which is perhaps because they are more considerate.
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