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Welcome to Tilt-Shift 1-2 Miniatures. Post 1 tilt-shift photo and comment on two others in the pool.

Have fun!!


  • Amazing Tilt-Shift VIDEO

    I dont need to write anything - just let the great work speak for itself: vim...

    You_Beauty25 months ago3 replies

  • Tilt and Shift.......Lensbaby?

    Hi All, Iv been looking into buying a lensbaby, or making a T&S lens, but iv...

    Matthew Dartford36 months ago8 replies


    I love the photographic effect of Tilt Shift - so much so, I created a blog a fe...

    patrickhashley41 months ago2 replies

  • Can anyone tell me how to do this?

    Hey, I really like this kind of photography but I don't have Photoshop CS3. I ha...

    Rocker Dude47 months ago1 replies

  • "How to"

    I thought I would start a discussion to help others learn how to make tilt-shift...

    ` Toshio '47 months ago14 replies

  • Welcome to Tilt-Shift 1-2 Miniature (fakes)

    Welcome to my new Tilt-shift miniature group! I first became addicted to flickr,...

    ` Toshio '73 months ago20 replies

  • Where to find the MC TS Super-Rotator80 2.8

    I have been trying to reach Michael Fourman (Kiev Camera) for days, to no avail....

    Johnny Kurtz81 months ago1 replies

  • New member

    Hi all, I'm new to this group and (sort of) to the concept of tilt-shift phot...

    Eric Verlaak87 months ago0 replies

  • What type of lens are you using?

    What type of lens are you using? anyone using a lensbaby? im new to this type of...

    JCg...90 months ago1 replies

  • Photoshoppery

    Hi folks, I'm sure this has been asked a hundred times...but here goes again;...

    Andy Sheridan94 months ago2 replies

  • Anyone use Schneider Componon-S 80mm F4?

    If you use this lens with SLR or DSLR body to achieve tilt and shift effect, cou... months ago0 replies

  • My first Tilt

    This is my first tilt shift, it really sucks because I only have adobe 7 and not...

    Drew Wilson Photography98 months ago1 replies

  • New "Instructions and Examples" website

    I've had quite a few requests on how to create tilt-shift miniatures. So I crea...

    ` Toshio '103 months ago6 replies

  • critical eye

    I am of the opinion that that many uploaders are lacking in critical eye regardi...

    Giorgio M. Griffa104 months ago6 replies

  • New Tilt-Shift Top 20 Group

    Hey Kids, Just to let you know...I've started a Top 20 for tilt shift. Join u...

    @notnixon105 months ago1 replies

  • Confused about the title

    Cool concept and fun photos here. I'm confused, though, why this is called "Tilt...

    Randy107 months ago0 replies

  • post tips on gradient mask and blurring

    I personally try to use as little blurring as I can get away with. (1) Make f...

    adgwe34109 months ago2 replies

  • post tips on increasing "fakeness"

    here's one: increase the saturation, a lot

    adgwe34109 months ago1 replies

  • Photoshop 7 How to?

    Could you tell me if this is possible to do in photoshop 7 as I do not have CS ...

    beesparkle109 months ago2 replies

  • Please make sure you comment on 2 others for every 1 you post : )

    This group is very similar to the 1-2-3 groups. For every 1 picture you post, p...

    ` Toshio '109 months ago0 replies

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