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Do you have an unusual tabby with NO stripes on his or her body but with stripey legs and a ringed neck and tail?
If so, your cat is probably a ticked tabby. Find out more below the group discussions.


  • How did you get your ticked tabby?

    How did you get your ticked tabby? My cat, Jack, was rehomed from a cattery, as...

    classy berry78 months ago33 replies

  • Eye problems

    My male ticked Tabby named Sandy, Has constant black hard/ crusty eye gunk. B...

    dme51765116 months ago0 replies

  • winter fur coat vs. spring?

    has anyone noticed a major diff in their indoor cats fur in the winter? I know o...

    toyco49ages ago5 replies

  • Ticked tabbies more archtypical of 50 and 60 abys

    hi ,I found an interesting sight on the history of abys throughout history and f...

    toyco49ages ago10 replies

  • The latest "anniversary" photo - thanks everybody!

    I've just noticed that we have passed our 300th photo in the Ticked Tabbies grou...

    classy berryages ago15 replies

  • How to polish a ticked tabby!

    I was recently reading "The Cat Care Manual" by Paddy Cutts - I have a disgracef...

    classy berryages ago2 replies

  • i have a ticked tabby!

    i got her for free from a friend's litter. i loved her markings, but i didn't k...

    selahestelleages ago1 replies

  • Is Puck Ticked???

    Puck is a black cat, but the hairs are brown on the end. The vet said he'd never... ago1 replies

  • Ticked tabbies

    I just got my ticked tabby with white about 2 weeks ago from the humane society ...

    toyco49ages ago3 replies

  • I'm new also

    I'm new here. I have a ticked orange tabby girl. Since Abysinians (sp) are tic...

    Newbirth35ages ago2 replies

  • Health problems specific to ticked tabbies

    Does anybody out there know whether ticked tabbies are more genetically prone to...

    Pabloinsfages ago3 replies

  • Hi :-)

    I'm new to the site and thought I would introduce myself and say hello. Also, u...

    jittery porterages ago4 replies

  • Hello - newbie here

    I'm calsifer, here at the invitation of Jane S. The reason was the ticked tabby ...

    tippedearclanages ago2 replies

  • Definition of 'agouti'

    From the Oxford English Dictionary: 1. A genus of rodents, belonging to the...

    Eudaemonic Plagueages ago0 replies

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