neiljohnuk PRO 10:16am, 8 September 2010
Sometime down the road....I think even PEOPLE will be able to be "Disposed of" in the trash too! Mainly the Disabled with ANY kind of Disability that costs all governments money, some criminals, and the homeless! If the republicans and left-wingers get their won't be TOO long before we actually see this!!! Watch....and see! (and or learn)
I am writing a VERY twisted story about a Disabled boy who starts out normally, then gets into a car crash...his mother and older brother die....leaving the state to take care of him. Only, the boy, is in a coma....and he is now only 2 when the crash happens and eventually, at the age of 8, he wakes up from the coma, to find that he can't talk, he can't walk, he is wearing diapers, laying in some large version of a crib, among 30 other large cribs with other younger coma patients in them, and he soon finds out that his dream that he was having...was ACTUALLY coming true! the facility he was in...had orders to actually dispose of certain "patients/subjects/babies" that they could no longer afford to care for or that the parents signed over to the facility. Forget human rights....we actually don't HAVE any....only what the government allows us to THINK we actually have! When it actually comes right down to it, THEY...decide what to do with us.....(The poor, the disabled, homeless) if we cost THEM money, we are their Liabilities...and they WILL begin eliminating us any way they's already happening in parts of Africa, Nigeria, and places like that!
Nairobi, and places like that too....the government might as well just pull up to each house and have the parents, caregivers or whoever, put these people out with their dirty diapers a certain time each month!
Would anyone like to have me post my story? I think it's appropriate....for this group...hope you all have the stomachs for it....The dream is everything after the crash scene....what happens in made up in the boy's his mind is overhearing conversations from the staff members of the facility he is now in and the mind tries to rationalize the info it's getting by creating the dream....neat...huh?
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